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7 possible reasons why mosquitoes prefer…
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7 possible reasons why mosquitoes prefer some people over others


You are not a victim of imaginary episodes of persecution! If you have the feeling that mosquitoes are biting you more than the other people around you, there is probably some truth in it, and even an explanation. 

The insects that have the power to ruin the beauty of the summer season, in fact, do not choose their targets by chance, at least not entirely.

There are at least seven possible explanations for the dynamics of why these insects bite or sting. Here they are!

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1- Carbon Dioxide: Mosquitoes detect carbon dioxide at a distance of 538 ft (164 m); pregnant or overweight people, for example, emit more and are more easily bitten or stung; 

2- Body temperature: a high body temperature equals a higher risk of being bitten, so during sports activities, we become a real magnet for mosquitoes; 

3- Blood type: According to a study, people with blood type 0 are more at risk than those with type A (it should be noted that the study observed a very small number of cases, so it should be accepted with caution);

4- This same study has also shown that only a few people emit substances that allow mosquitoes to recognize their bloodstream and therefore choose them; 

5- The composition of the microbial flora that lives on our skin is also a factor for mosquitoes when choosing their target

6- lactic acid: This substance is particularly attractive to these type of insects, so a body that is subjected to physical activity ends up attracting them much more; 

7- Beer and alcohol: Apparently, ingesting alcohol makes us particularly attractive to many types of insects, though no one has yet understood why!


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