Talking to your pets is not a sign of madness and experts have confirmed this -
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Talking to your pets is not a sign of…
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Talking to your pets is not a sign of madness and experts have confirmed this

October 12, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Whoever has a pet will confirm that treating them ONLY as animals is something that is almost impossible and that in the end, we always end up talking to them just like they are a family member.

"Did you miss me?", "Come, I'll feed you", "Let's go out?" Are phrases that we frequently use to address our pet.

But what do the experts say about it? How are people who talk to their pets seen?

via: Bustle

First of all, experts say that talking to animals is completely normal. In fact, it is part of the same process by which we give a name to objects, to our cars, to plants and to any other object that we like or with which we feel a connection. 

Giving something a name and talking with objects - as well as with animals - can be considered the typical behavior of children.  Consequently, in the first years of our life, we tend to humanize everything!

The experts, however, add something else: "Giving a name to things is synonymous with great intelligence. On the other hand, no other animal creature besides man does this."

Therefore, talking with animals is a sign of great intelligence and a very developed brain.

The next time you happen to talk to your cat, dog, parrot, fish or rabbit, do not be ashamed!


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