According to a survey, younger siblings…
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According to a survey, younger siblings tend to be the funnest members of the family to be around

January 11, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In every large family, there are different types of personalities, partly and inevitably linked to the roles covered by each member.

For example, parents, being the highest authorities of the group, will certainly act with more determination, firmness, and sometimes severity.

However, also among the siblingsthere are different characteristics, depending on the "hierarchy" of their birth.

In particular, according to behavioral science, the prize for being the funniest - the one who always jokes and is able to make others laugh more than the others - should be awarded to the youngest sibling.

image: pixabay

study conducted by YouGov in British families confirms that of all the children present in the family, the wittiest or funniest one is the youngest. Not only. The results confirm that the eldest sibling perceives a greater weight of responsibility on their shoulders, while the youngest sibling would have more breathing room in this sense. 

Distinguishing among the first and last born in the British families examined, a clear division of the personality types emerged with 54% of the firstborn siblings claiming to be more responsible, compared to 31% of the youngest born siblings. Instead, the latter are more likely to consider themselves funny (46% against 36% of older siblings) and more relaxed. 

In part, the age of the siblings also weighs heavily on the conclusions of the study. In fact, older children, having accumulated more experience than their younger siblings, are more inclined to say that they feel they have more duties and responsibilities. 

Undoubtedly, the situation is also influenced by certain family dynamics, first of all, the fact that the parents' attention shifts from the firstborn to the newcomers. To confirm this, older siblings say that they feel more organized and able to define a scale of priorities, while the youngest siblings are more likely to think of themselves as their parents' favorites.


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