These stupendous images clearly demonstrate that time passes --- but sentiments do not! -
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These stupendous images clearly demonstrate…
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These stupendous images clearly demonstrate that time passes --- but sentiments do not!


It is always nice to scroll through photo albums and scrapbooks to relive the good times spent in the company of relatives or old friends

It is a lot of fun to see the classic family photos that were imposed on us by our parents, with improbable hairstyles and out-of-fashion clothes. But what could be more fun?

Probably, this is something that is well-known by the people who have decided to re-stage some family photographs, to compare them with the old ones.

The result is touching and at the same time very entertaining!

 1. Friendship before and after!

 2. A nice family scene ...


3. Twenty years and two children later ...

4. Years pass but the costumes are always the same!


5. The love between a father and his daughter never changes ...

6. A cute 20-year-old trio still going strong!


7. The perfect company for a nice car trip!

8. The only thing left unchanged is the love between them ...


9. They met for the first time on this merry-go-round ...

10. Eternal love ... for cake!

11. Two cute little brothers who are not so little anymore but still cute!

12. Two inseparable friends after 10 years have passed

13. Their hunger for snacks is always the same ...

14. A soccer game that has lasted for 60 years ...

15. Birthday party with little friends!

16. Holidays spent with the family are always the best ...

17. Well, maybe I'm a bit too grown up to ride a tricycle ...

 18. Friends for life!

19. Relive memorable moments!

These photos are proof that love and true friendship never fade regardless of time and distance!

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