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10 things you finally stop doing when…
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10 things you finally stop doing when you are an adult and a mature person


As children, we imagine life as adults as the moment when we will finally be allowed to do everything we want, without being accountable to anyone and we see a rosy future ahead.

Now, we know very well that this is not the case; what we experience every day, as adults, is very different.

We come to know sorrows and pains that we never imagined and stress and anxiety become a constant part of our daily lives. We learn that we must fight tooth and nail to earn our short moments of serenity.

There is only one way to survive this existence as adults, which after all is not as we imagined it, and that is to not really take life so seriously! Eliminate all that is not needed and that hinders our journey.

Here are 10 things you can do very well without when you become an adult who knows how to live in the adult world --- in other words when you become a mature person.

10 things you should not care about when you are a mature person

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1. THE JUDGMENTS OF OTHERS: If you take too much into consideration what others think, you will live the life that others want and not the one you want. People will ALWAYS judge you even when you follow their advice. Remember this. 

2. HAVING A PERFECT BODY: The human body without imperfections, always attractive and irresistible is a lie. It does not exist and if it does exist, it is not natural. Follow the goal of being kind to yourself and having better health and not that of pleasing others. Do not despair regarding defects that you cannot change! Accept them, love them, and even appreciate them because they make you unique in this world. 

3. GOSSIP: In the life of an adult there are other things to think about. Gossip is unmotivated hatred that leads nowhere. Let others live the life they want, you don't have an instruction manual either on how everyone should live! 

4. FAILURES: Failures are hard to accept, but they are part of growth. To despair because things have not gone differently is useless. Expel the fear of trying again and move straight ahead toward your goal. A failure is always a good life lesson that will teach you something about yourself and how the world operates! 

5. OBLIGATORY FRIDAY NIGHT PARTYING: Who said that there cannot be a Friday evening without any social obligations? Do not be ashamed of not wanting to go out on Friday nights and partying at all costs. Being an adult means not paying attention to rules that were never written in stone anywhere, and just accept your mood and enjoy it in peace. 

6. THE THINGS OTHERS POSSESS: When you are a mature adult, you will not be bothered at all about what other people have and what you do not have. In reality, your neighbor's grass may not always be greener, it all depends on how you look at it. Take care of your possessions and appreciate what you own.

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 7. THOUGHTS SUCH AS "WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF ...": The future is a locked door. Do not waste your energy trying to predict what is unpredictable. Rather, do all you can in the present to make sure that the future you will have is the future you want. 

8. REGRETS AND REMORSE: Learn to accept what you did or what you did not do in the past. It was your decision and now you have to take responsibility for it. The past is behind us now, but what you can do is learn from it and act differently in the present and in the future. 

9. ALWAYS BE A GOOD PERSON: No, not everyone deserves your good behaviors. And it is not written anywhere that these people have to be part of your life. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to satisfy all the people out there in the world. If you try, you will be just wasting your time. 

10. REVENGE: Taking revenge will never give you back what you have lost. Besides, it will not give you the satisfaction that you expect. In the end, you will only feel childish for having deliberately caused pain to another person or foolish for lowering yourself to his or her level.


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