Shining our light in the darkness could attract unwanted attention from the wrong kind of people -
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Shining our light in the darkness could…
Stubborn children as adults could have a better chance at success than others Mom is she who carries you 9 months in her womb, 3 years in her arms, and all her life in her heart!

Shining our light in the darkness could attract unwanted attention from the wrong kind of people

December 27, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

People who radiate a contagious joy are, for this reason, well-liked and sought after.

They also have good self-esteem, are self-satisfied, and ambitious - in the sense that they project themselves positively and optimistically toward the future, to realize their dreams, living at the same time, with joy, the present moment. 

This interior energy, which makes them shine with their own inner light, however, attracts the envy and jealousy of those who do not possess this positive energy.

Let's see who these people are who live in darkness and how to face them while learning to develop and protect our own inner light.

Who are the "dark" people?

The "dark" people live most of their lives in a dimension of frustration, anger, and envy, which makes them incapable not only of being happy for themselves but also for others.

In their eyes, the whole world is false, opportunistic, and even the happiest of situations actually hides an obscure and corrupt perspective. They cover everything and everyone with their negativity to justify their own pessimism and anger. 

The problem is that such people can dim or even turn off the inner light in other people, conditioning them with their negative opinions. In fact, no one is born endowed with the ability to automatically transmit an inner light of their own. This is something that is developed each and every day with a positive attitude and a pro-active mentality.

How to get rid of the darkness and develop an inner light of our own?

The first step is to understand and accept ourselves. Often a sense of guilt and shame leads us to be severe with ourselves and unable to understand our mistakes and to forgive ourselves.

Self-awareness is therefore very useful for this purpose so that we can understand our fears and anxieties without judging ourselves. This helps to reduce anxiety and stress, lowers the risk of depression, and increases self-esteem levels - which is an additional fundamental component in the process of creating and expressing one's own inner light. 

Self-esteem allows us to pursue and achieve our goals, but it is not an innate quality. It must be constantly nourished and protected, because - just like the child within us - it needs the continuous confirmation and reassurance - of a love that is healthy and unconditional.


 How to deal with the "dark" people

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 Once you learn how to "shine" your inner light,  it is best not to get infected by "dark people"; here's how. 

  • When you hear their negative comments, remember that these people are deeply unhappy and dissatisfied; 
  • Cultivate a sense of humor which, together with a smile, is the most powerful weapon for disarming dark people; 
  • Accept them as they are because they cannot be changed except by themselves 

In general, surround yourself with people who radiate a positive inner light - which is the best antidote to pessimism and an important resource of well-being!


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