14 things that those suffering from…
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14 things that those suffering from an anxiety disorder would like their friends to know

October 27, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

During a panic attack, what takes the breath away most from the person experiencing it is that they are not understood by others.

In fact, often they find it difficult to ask for help out of fear of being considered crazy or not being understood. For this reason, most of the time, anxiety or panic attacks are dealt with in complete solitude. 

Nor does having friends nearby help. As a matter of fact, just as with a stranger, a friend may not be able to give the support you need at that time because they do not know the slightest thing about anxiety disorders. They may have the wrong idea about what to say or do.

That is why, there are some things that people who suffer from anxiety would like to let their friends know and also the people close to them, in general, so that they can actually be helped without the need for some kind of miracle!

 14 things that a person suffering from anxiety would like their friends to know.

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  • 1. What causes my anxiety disorder to be triggered may seem absurd to you, but for me, it is true and real. 
  • 2. Be patient with me. Anxiety may manifest itself in the form of anger, melancholy or frustration and not just panic. 
  • 3. An anxiety disorder does not follow a clock --- I could suffer in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. Regardless of when it happens, there is only one thing I need in those moments --- your support. 
  • 4. I do not want to drive you away but sometimes, it's hard for me to go out or talk to you on the phone. 
  • 5. Do not take it personally --- if I feel anger or sadness, it is not your fault. 
  • 6. If I do not speak, it is not because I am sad or bored. Sometimes it is just difficult for me to say what I feel. 
  • 7. There may not be a specific reason or cause that I'm anxious about. 
  • 8. I apologize for all my irrational behavior, for all the times I missed an appointment or I hurt you! It is not easy to always manage anxiety. 
  • 9. When you see that I isolate myself, do not leave me alone. Let me know that you want to see me again, that nothing has been broken between us. 
  • 10. Anxiety leads me to worry about everything. Sometimes it is terribly exhausting.
  • 11. Do not try to "cure me". An anxiety disorder is something that is complicated. I just need someone to support me. 
  • 12. If you see me looking uncomfortable doing something, do not force me. 
  • 13. Continue to look for me and ask me to go out because anxiety comes and goes and some days are brighter than others. 
  • 14. I am not my anxiety. I am an ordinary person, with positive and negative aspects. Try to see me --- beyond the anxiety disorder.

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