Two siblings make friends with a disabled child and the school bus driver writes to their parents to congratulate them -
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Two siblings make friends with a disabled…
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Two siblings make friends with a disabled child and the school bus driver writes to their parents to congratulate them


One of the main characteristics of children is their frankness and the tendency to express themselves with gestures and words in a clear, transparent way, without resorting to those filters that we adults are all too often accustomed to applying in our daily lives. 

However, this frankness can manifest itself in cruelty or altruism - and this depends on the way a child has been raised by their parents.

In this case, what struck Cindy Clausen, a school bus driver was a gesture of sincere kindness and wonderful gentleness displayed by two children.

As a school bus driver, Cindy is used to seeing children of all kinds, and for her, only a few gestures are enough to frame them; but, despite her long experience, she was very surprised by the behavior of two children. 

They are Annaliese and Jorge, sister and brother, and they have made friends with Jackson, a disabled boy. In fact, every morning, after getting on the bus, the two siblings always sit next to him, keep him company all the way to school, and then they help him get off the bus. This is an attitude that is quite different from that of their peers who either avoid Jackson or deride and humiliate him.

As a matter of fact, it was this marked difference between these children and their schoolmates that moved Cindy. She felt so moved that she decided to write a letter to the Annaliese and Jorge's parents, to thank for raising their children to be such lovable and unselfish human beings. Here is the full text of the letter, as it was published by Cindy on Facebook

"Dear Jorge and Leonor,

I am compelled to write to tell you how beautiful your children are, inside and out! This can only come from the home, your patience and guidance, the examples that you set and teach. 

I have a child on my bus named Jackson. Both of your children have shown him so much compassion and support. Every day your children ask if they can sit with Jackson. 

Some days Jackson is a little sad getting on the bus, but as soon as he sees Annaliese and Jorge he smiles. Jackson has difficulties walking and it takes a bit for him to get to his seat. 

Today Annaliese looked out from around her seat and has said, "Come on Jackson, you can do it" and when we arrived at school Jorge took it upon himself to carry out his backpack! 

I know you know how wonderful your children are, but I wanted you to know that it shows!"

Cindy Clausen
Bus #50 

We can only imagine how proud the parents of the two children are and we hope to see more and more often children who are like little Annaliese and Jorge around us.


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