This young man has lost 108 kg in just two years! His story is an invitation for everyone to stop making excuses! -
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This young man has lost 108 kg in just…
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This young man has lost 108 kg in just two years! His story is an invitation for everyone to stop making excuses!


If weighing a few extra pounds or kilos is generally not considered to be a serious problem, there are cases in which weight loss becomes a necessity; namely, when our health is in danger.

At that point, although it is difficult to change our lifestyle and stick to a strict weight loss program, the same dangerous risks associated with obesity become the reasons that strongly motivate us to change. 

This is what happened to Zach Vogler, who, within two years, lost 238 lb (108 kg), becoming unrecognizable.

Un post condiviso da Zach Vogler (@zachattacksfat) in data:

Zach Vogler is a young man like many, but he never went unnoticed because for most of his life, in fact, he had to live with a rather cumbersome body - a euphemism --- to say that he was obese

Despite the fact that his weight has never been an obstacle to his irrepressible personality, Zach does not deny that it has caused him many difficulties. 

"It was difficult for me to tie my shoes, climb the stairs or sit in the seats at school, in cinemas, and on airplanes." 

However, it is not these minor inconveniences that make him seriously reflect on his physical condition, but rather a more dramatic event.

Un post condiviso da Zach Vogler (@zachattacksfat) in data:

The turning point occurred when at the age of 19, his father had a very serious heart attack; luckily he was saved by a hair, but the experience indelibly marked Zach and led him to reconsider his own health. In fact, his father is obese just like him. 

Zach then went to a doctor for a checkup and discovered that he has hypertension and at that time he weighed 463 lb (210 kg). 

"I knew that if I did not make a change, in the end, I would die from obesity, so I decided that day it was time to change my life," recalls Zach, who understood that he had to radically change his lifestyle!

First of all, he had to stop his habit of eating whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to. Then, he had to exercise and play sports --- a lot of sports!


Un post condiviso da Zach Vogler (@zachattacksfat) in data:

It was not easy, but Zach did not let himself be disheartened by occasional discouragements during his journey towards the change he needed to make and in this way, he managed to successfully achieve his goal. 

"The first year I lost about 100 lb (45 kg), and another 100 lb (45 kg) in the second year. Today, I have so far lost over 238 lb (108 kg) and I want to use my passion and knowledge to help others do the same." 

This is what Zach writes about in his blog and, in fact, today he is a personal trainer who is very much followed and appreciated, because he is without a doubt, the living proof of the success of his program. Consequently, he knows exactly what it means, in all its most painful aspects, to lose weight. 

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