These tattoos dedicated to our four-legged friends will make you want to have one too -
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These tattoos dedicated to our four-legged…
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These tattoos dedicated to our four-legged friends will make you want to have one too


Like diamonds, tattoos are also forever; and this is precisely the reason that makes us think carefully about the image that we want to tattoo on our skin.

An image or symbol that may seem beautiful or meaningful to us in a particular moment of our life, so much so as to want to take them with us and on us ---- always, can lose their emotional significance over time. 

However, it is different when it comes to a tattoo that instead represents someone dear to our hearts. Therefore, who deserves a place of honor on our skin if not our faithful four-legged friends?

This is exactly what some dog lovers were thinking when they got their loyal four-legged friend's paw prints tattooed on their skin. This is a way to have their beloved four-legged friend with them even after their pet's death, and thus demonstrate the eternal affection that will bind them forever. 

Here are some examples of tattoos dedicated to our trustworthy four-legged friends that will win you over.


Thanks to the enthusiastic cooperation of this dog, here is a very colorful and impressive paw print and the result on its owner's skin!


image: lisa_tattoo_

Sometimes the paw prints are more abstract and colored, while others are quite realistic and faithful to the original model.



image: lajennitattoo

When we have more than one dog, we love each of them, and all of them deserve an indelible place on our ... bodies


image: sarahink


Some dog lovers also add the name and birth dates of their four-legged friend!



image: lizrussy


image: Javi Wolf


Since our dog has accompanied us for a good part of our life, why not tattoo their lifepath, instead of just one single paw print?


image: kaylaharren


image: _tsites_


image: elinadraws



image: herttakerttu


image: _shesjulie_

This dog's paw print resembles the dog itself, and although this might not be evident at first glance, it is obvious to its owner!


image: hhnashville


image: eefsam
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