These 21 exceptional teachers show us what it means to teach with passion and creativity -
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These 21 exceptional teachers show us…
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These 21 exceptional teachers show us what it means to teach with passion and creativity


For most of us, school is that phase of life that while we live it, we cannot stand it, but that, once ended, we remember with nostalgia and a smile.

Especially if our memories are still as vivid as if it were yesterday --- about a teacher who, for one reason or another managed to enliven those long seemingly endless hours!

This kind of professor is not as rare as you think, because basicallythe main thing is knowing how to communicate with the students, such as maybe having a little fun --- like the teachers in the following photos!

1. University professor and babysitter? Well, sometimes it happens!

2. Who better than Mendeleev himself - or his clone - could explain chemistry?

image: abunda

 3. When geometry is taught not only by words, but with the whole body

image: redditian

4. A good teacher is one who always finds the tools they need to teach

image: d3

5. Would you not follow the lesson more closely if your teacher quenched his thirst with his students' tears?


6. When geography meets cinema, the result is a success!

image: imgur

7. If at his age he continues to have fun teaching, how could his pupils not have fun in class, too?!

image: orschlurch

8. This is the way a science teacher wanted to remember and honor the planet Pluto that has been eliminated from the list of planets!

image: reddit

 9. An art teacher who inspires his students every day by doing as well as teaching!

image: reddit

10. When the periodic table becomes a Lady Gaga song!

11. A true fan of Pi Day!

image: ht/imgur

12. What can happen when your teacher requisitions your smartphone!

image: fbtrouble

13. How to take advantage of a student sleeping in class to wake up everyone else!

image: boredpanda

14. Some lessons start early for everyone, not just for students!

15. If she can keep a stray kitten found in the school corridors under control, what to speak of her class ...

image: boredpanda

16. Because physics, even if explained, continues to always have that unfathomable magical aspect ...

image: reddit

17. At each lesson, this teacher wears the clothes of the historical character who is going to be studied ... Who is she teaching about today?

image: pikabu

18. Humor that helps you master mathematics!

image: pinterest

19. The chemistry professor turns into a superhero

image: imgur

20. He had promised that if the whole class got top marks on a test, he would come to school dress up as Scooby-Doo and bring a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne. He kept his promise.

image: thechive

21. His math class is ... Stellar!

image: tamezuando
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