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22 People Who Have Demonstrated A Cleverness…
17 new utensils for the kitchen that you will not be able to resist! A dog falls into a pool and risks drowning and the gesture of his friend stunned their owners

22 People Who Have Demonstrated A Cleverness That Is Out Of The Ordinary


When you decide to "rack your brain", the result can be unexpectedly useful, even in a very rudimentary way!

If it is true that creativity is the basis of the strong technological growth of our modern society, a good dose of genius can also be found in small and simple but very effective tips, conceived by people who will probably never become Nobel Prize winners, but who have definitely offered ideas which can make life easier!

Here are some examples.

1. A bathroom suction cup handle can replace a broken microwave handle.

2. One more handle, this time made entirely with duct tape.


3. Halfway between a bike and a mechanical kangaroo! Would you have the courage to ride around on it?

4. How to make a snow plow more efficient with a simple cardboard carton

5. Chinese spring rolls made "on demand"


6. For a big hedge, it takes a big idea!

7. How about repairing a bicycle by replacing a wheel with a skateboard?! A new brilliant means of transport ...


8. For all those who do not have time to water their garden, an ingenious system of effortlessly irrigation!

9. Multi-purpose sewing course using duct tape and sutures for your car!


10. Using a wire and a GoPro camera, you can capture your most exhilarating moments at 360 degrees!

11. When you do not have a rubber tube but only a bottle --- and a lot, a whole lot of imagination!

12. Extremely practical for very cold climates is using an ordinary boat converted into a motorized sled!

13. Transport a cake safely using plywood and duct tape ... maybe even tape the plywood to the seat!

14. Suitable for those who have large fingers and must do a lot of writing --- a computer keyboard connected to their smartphone.

15. Reduce your electricity bill ... and maybe even sell some energy to your neighbors!

16. A practical way to tie your hair in the absence of an elastic hairband when you're at the office.

17. Here is another use for a paper clamp to replace a lose button and close your pants.

18. For barbecue lovers, a brilliant idea to cook meat perfectly!

19. Motorize your skateboard with a simple battery-operated drill.

20. The portable folding handle ---a simple but optimal solution for all commuters that use public transport!

21. A motorbike (that) saws!

 22. Very clever fathers who know how to combine profit and pleasure!

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April 19, 2014

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