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15 images of newly adopted dogs that…
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15 images of newly adopted dogs that will melt your heart


When done with full knowledge and awareness, the choice to adopt a dog is certainly an experience that brings us so much joy. The way that a dog can enrich our life is incredible and once this decision has been made it is impossible to go back.

If you are lucky enough to have a dog in your life, it is likely that you have immortalized your first day together with a picture that arouses emotion, laughter, and tenderness every time you look at it!

Exactly, like the images, we have collected here.

These images that were taken in the first moments after adoption will warm your heart like few things in the world!

image: Genetta

The first days together will be characterized by the most diverse behaviors! There are dogs that are very affectionate that will not hesitate to jump on you because they want to run and play around with you!

image: groovebird

Others who, with their adoring gaze, will seem to be constantly thanking you!

Or smiling at you!

Or, after a lot of anxiety, waiting for a family to adopt them, they will finally relax on their way to their new home.

image: John Vrydaghs

 In other cases, their enthusiasm will be OBVIOUS!

Not just that of the dog ... but yours too!

image: Mems138

Every first experience you have together will deserve a picture ... Or maybe ten!

image: blkswrsman

Some puppies will still appear a little intimidated ...

image: XaVieRDk

But, naturally, you will not delay in cuddling and spoiling your puppy!

image: andreastagg

In fact, cuddles will be dished out in exaggerated quantities!

Oh, well ... there will be time later to clarify some rules ...

image: axlthepitbull

At the beginning, new owners and pets focus on getting to know and trusting each other.

image: vik1106

But everything will be managed with a mixture of joy and fun ...

image: ManiacComet

That will make you understand how well you have done to decide to adopt a dog!

image: thenorsedog
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