This little dog wanted to intimidate the sheep, but they chased him away -
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This little dog wanted to intimidate…
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This little dog wanted to intimidate the sheep, but they chased him away

May 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Shepherds usually use helpers who play an important role, in taking care of a flock of sheep and also in keeping intruders away (predatory animals, first of all).

Their helpers are usually their dogs, the faithful friends of the shepherd, who help in the hard daily work of managing a flock of unruly sheep.

Most of us have in our imagination the idea of a sheepdog of medium or large size, usually white colored, strong, and confident!

Instead, here we see, as a sheepdog, Nelson, a fox terrier, that would have all the right credentials, if it were not for his size!

In any case, Nelson, a small fox terrier, despite his small size, handles his role as sheepdog very well --- at least this is true for most of the time.

One day, however, Nelsen's owner, who is also the owner of the flock of sheep, understood immediately that on that day the little dog would not have been able to herd them into the sheep pen. Nelson was in trouble because most of the sheep did not want to even acknowledge Nelson's presence, let alone let themselves be herded!  But Nelson immediately devised a whole new way of herding the flock. 

Fortunately, the owner promptly turned on his camera and captured these moments that have made Internet users around the world laugh so hard! In fact, in the video, we see the amazing little Nelson, who starts wildly running around and getting the sheep to think they are chasing him, while he is actually herding them towards the sheep pen.

These little dogs always have a plan B ready!

Do not miss the video, because it is truly hilarious!

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