Playgrounds ... for adults?! Here are some epic attractions that you too will be dying to try! -
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Playgrounds ... for adults?! Here are…
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Playgrounds ... for adults?! Here are some epic attractions that you too will be dying to try!


Being an adult means you definitely have more responsibility and concerns, but that does not mean you should totally give up the chance to have some fun!

If in facttheme or amusement parks offer attractions almost exclusively reserved for children, in any case, there are many of them located all around the world and they offer very good opportunities to enjoy leisure and exhilarating emotions.

Below we have gathered 12 such theme park attractions ... Which one are you just dying to try?

1. If you're not afraid of heights, you can enjoy a picnic with friends in high altitude on Monte Piana (Dolomites).

2. You can catch a ride on a futuristic monorail in New Zealand


3. Everyone's dream --- a bouncy castle for adults!

4. If you love the marine environment then this swimming pool located in Belgium is perfect for you! It is 115 feet deep (35 meters) and almost makes you feel like you are in the depths of an abyss!


5. In Jamaica, you can walk with your horse in the clear waters of the sea.


6. If you love the sea, you can also enjoy a ride on a mini-submarine in the Bahamas.


7. If you love a thrill then the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas may even give you more than you bargained!

8. There are outdoor movie theaters that are equipped with very particular comforts!

9. Who wouldn't want to be a child again? This Parisian amusement park ride lets you do that!

10. Welcome to a beer festival in Finland

11. On the tower of a shopping mall in Toronto, you can experience intense emotions ... between one purchase and the other!

12. And finally, do not miss the Devil's Pool --- a swimming pool where you can relax right on the edge of Victoria Falls ... very scary!

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