Some of the most absurd things that have been seen and photographed around the world -
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Some of the most absurd things that…
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Some of the most absurd things that have been seen and photographed around the world

April 14, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Have you ever been faced with something bad or totally inexplicable to the point that you had the uncontrollable instinct to photograph it just to prove it was not the result of your imagination?

If so, you are in good company! The images that we propose below are in fact the result of a similar situation.

Someone saw by chance a scenario that could hardly be explained in terms of logic or aesthetics and wanted to show it to the world through an exhilarating captured image.

These "chicken coop" socks ... are decidedly original

A tea infuser ... of dubious taste

image: Amazon

What is this thing?

Apparently, the most absurd shoe festival has found a winner!

A contraption for those who love to squeeze pimples ...

image: Pop It Pal

A design that will make tea time much less relaxing!



A lamp that your guests will surely remember

This faceless teddy bear is sure to give your children pleasant dreams at night.


A rather unpleasant combination, don't you think?

image: uglydesign

Quite ... disturbing!

A device that allows you to talk on your smartphone in total privacy even in open and crowded spaces.

Maybe the picture on the package produced a different effect ...

image: Pikabu

Troublesome, but certainly warm!

Fashion or mistake?

image: opusteno

Puzzle floor --- very difficult to assemble and impossible to clean

image: Imgur

Cannot type on your computer keyboard because of your long nails? Here is the solution!

Urinals with a view ... Why ???

The graphic designer should have studied more the laws of light refraction ...

Who would like to use a toilet like that?


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