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If Your Legs, Feet Or Hip Cause You…
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If Your Legs, Feet Or Hip Cause You To Suffer Then Here Are 6 Exercises To Eliminate Pain


Our legs are a very important part of our body, first of all, because they perform the function of supporting the rest of the body.

Any pain located in this area can cause problems by triggering a "domino effect" elsewhere, such as in the back, the hips, but also in the cervical spine, so it is a good idea to take care of it.

When the first pains manifest in your feet or ankles, it is good to know how to intervene, even if it is still better to choose comfortable shoes so that you can avoid these inconveniences!

Daily massage

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One of the most effective methods to heal, but also to prevent, pain in the feet is to indulge in a daily massage. Simply exert a moderate pressure on the soles and on the backs of your feet with your fingers, in order to relax the feet and relieve localized pain. You can help yourself with oil or a cream but also without using anything.

Heel lifts

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To prevent sprains and pulled muscles, it is good to strengthen the ankle and the muscles around the knee, Here is a very useful exercise. 

Stand at the back of a chair 
Raise one leg with your foot pointing toward the floor at the same time stand up on tiptoe on the other. 
Return to the starting position and alternate the leg. 
Repeat this exercise 10-15 times per leg.


Walk on a ball

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The use of the ball is a real panacea for the mobility of the foot and ankle. With this method, it is possible to move a part of the body that hardly has an opportunity to move, since our feet are caged in shoes for many hours during the day.  

The goal is to relax the tensions that accumulate on the soles of your feet by walking and pressing down on a ball. You can use specific balls or simply tennis balls. Press the ball on each point of the foot and enjoy an excellent massage!

Do exercises with your toes

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When you have the opportunity to take off your shoes, dedicate a few minutes to stretching your ankles and toes with these movements: 

Let your toes bend downward. 
Lay a towel on the floor and try to grab it with your toes. 
Spread some small stones or pebbles on the ground and try to pick them up with your toes.

The advice is to practice with any object that is on the floor by trying to pick it using your toes without bending your back!

Elastic resistance bands

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For a deeper workout, equip yourself with elastic resistance bands and perform the following exercises: 

  • Attach the elastic resistance band to the leg of the sofa, a heavy table or any other safe way. 
  • Cross your legs one under the other and slightly bend your knees. 
  • Insert a foot into the slot formed by the resistance band and use the other foot as a support. 
  • Spread the elastic resistance band by pointing the foot back towards the head, then release. 
  • Repeat the exercise for 10-15 times, then switch to the other leg and repeat.

Alternatively, you can reverse the movement, which means you can push instead of pull. In this case, you will have to insert your foot inside the elastic loop and push the foot away from your head.


Walk on tiptoe

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You can do this exercise at any time of the day, at home while you do some work or in the office during breaks. Simply walk on tiptoe while bouncing on your ankles and without straining your muscles too much. This is an excellent exercise for the soles of the feet, the ankles, and the calves.

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