Here are some of the most disturbing and entertaining mannequins you've ever seen in a store! -
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Here are some of the most disturbing…
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Here are some of the most disturbing and entertaining mannequins you've ever seen in a store!

April 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Mannequins lead terribly boring lives. Every day they stand or sit still in the same place and in the same position inside stores and shopping centers.

As if this were not enough, they are undressed every now and then and their bodies are rearranged! This is normal because the store owners try to liven up their existence a little!

Joking apart, we have collected a gallery of images that have as their protagonists these silent, melancholic, and disturbing retail store mannequins.

1. My friend looks exactly like one of those mannequins!

image: badnewsclown

2. Japanese mannequins

image: arbili

3. Finally some realistic representation

image: TheSteelSword

4. Every morning when I wake up I feel very similar to this mannequin

5. So real that it was mistaken for a real person ...

image: BamBamBeano

6. When your relatives show you their clothes and you try them on

image: kiahai

7. Thank God there is someone like me around here!

image: TSW89

8. When the store has your exact size

image: ossichicken

9. Recently I was in Romania and this photo of these store mannequins was my nightmare!

image: mepper

10. But I do not want to be a mmanequin!

image: fistpump

11. Yet it should be the most beautiful day of her life ...

image: magicbullets

12. This mannequin is quite enthusiastic!

13. Finally, a mannequin that shows exactly how funny I look in a polo shirt.

image: Alerbalar

14. He is certainly very sad

image: RyanOReily

15. Tell me I'm not wearing this stuff!

image: dreon81

16. Certainly not just any dummy aka mannequin!

17. When the lingerie is OK!

18. When the mall looks like The Sims ...

image: swever

19. A disturbing mannequin in Chile


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