People and bizarre animals in the subway --- 17 incredible images from all over the world -
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People and bizarre animals in the subway…
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People and bizarre animals in the subway --- 17 incredible images from all over the world

April 04, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you often take the subway to travel from one side of the city to another, perhaps you may have experienced some unusual situations.

In fact, it is known that in very busy places such as subway stations and trains, you have the opportunity to encounter all kinds of people!

In addition, it is not rare to find these people accompanied by their four-legged friends, even if, as some of the following captured images can testify, it is not always the classic dog or cat that accompanies these eclectic owners ...

1. New York --- these two strangers decide to toast their new friendship

2. This lady has chosen a very particular head covering, but, hey ...different strokes for different folks ...


3. Dogs are not allowed unless you can carry them in your bag ... and this guy has figured out a way to do it!

image: dev_maxpayne

4. Who would have said that they would encounter each other in the same subway car?!

image: beavis420

5. See?! That's why I don't take the subway anymore!

image: Moomasterq

6. Do animals really resemble their owners? Apparently ... Yes!

image: bachus2015

7. This street musician stopped and played all the time in front of a little girl to stop her from crying!


8. The author of the photo writes: "There is a lot of tolerance, love, and passion in the universe --- all we have to do is just look around us to see it."

image: boubah360

9. Not just people and animals! Pikachu also takes the subway!


10. Again, another huge dog, stuffed in a carryall bag ...

image: strangetitss

11. Cooking at home? Nobody has time to do it!

image: sifarat

12. Not just people and animals, but also rare and mythical characters

image: andreouc3000

13. Something tells me that he is not exactly at ease

image: MXXD

14. When you live in Asia, you have to expect anything ...

image: dcoreys

15. It is also possible to see situations like this while you are riding on the subway ...

image: caseydonahue

16. This man takes his hamster with him to work!

17. When you want to hide your cat and try to pretend as if nothing is wrong.

image: imgur

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