16 people so brilliant ... that they…
34 tattoos with 3D effects that appear to be much more than just simple drawings on the skin 24 times in which design has given birth to absolutely brilliant ideas!

16 people so brilliant ... that they seem to have come from the future

May 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Being brilliant means finding transversal solutions that no one else had thought of before. In a word, being an authentic "trailblazer"!

In this photo gallery, we have presented 16 people united by this defining characteristic! Namely, that when faced with a problem, all of them have devised an original and effective solution, even if sometimes it seems a bit "exaggerated" in the eyes of everyone else.

In any case, how can true genius manifest itself, if there is not also a touch of madness?

 1. A brilliant family!

2. Is the zoom on your smartphone not strong enough? Problem solved.


 3. A smart-watch ... do-it-yourself style

 4. Whoa! Stop everyone and take a look ... this guy is just too smart!

5. This kid is a genius! (a bit crazy, but still a genius)


6. Simple, intuitive, and efficient.

image: bodefan/imgur

 7. Necessity is the Mother of invention!


 8. Well, maybe this goes against the traffic code, but we support you!

9. This child already lives in 3018!


10. When your food is too hot, but you are a genius.

11. Irish orthopedists ...

image: alssst/imgur

12. This boy is 20 years ahead of his time!

13. A broken toaster? Problem solved!

 14. And no one says anything!

15. Even Windows seems to be ahead of the times ...

16. No cereal bowl? Congratulations ... perfect intuition!


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