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Video Oddities

16 people so brilliant ... that they seem to have come from the future

Being brilliant means finding transversal solutions that no one else had thought of before. In a word, being an authentic "trailblazer"! In this photo gallery, we have presented 16 people united by…

20 totally real images that at first glance will seem inexplicable

There are people who have a much stronger sense of observation than others. The same scene that a normal person would look at in a summary manner, these people can analyze it more thoroughly, often finding…

Some of the most absurd things that have been seen and photographed around the world

Have you ever been faced with something bad or totally inexplicable to the point that you had the uncontrollable instinct to photograph it just to prove it was not the result of your imagination? If so,…

People and bizarre animals in the subway --- 17 incredible images from all over the world

If you often take the subway to travel from one side of the city to another, perhaps you may have experienced some unusual situations. In fact, it is known that in very busy places such as subway stations…

Here are some of the most disturbing and entertaining mannequins you've ever seen in a store!

Mannequins lead terribly boring lives. Every day they stand or sit still in the same place and in the same position inside stores and shopping centers. As if this were not enough, they are undressed every…

These animals have such particular physical traits that they are unique!

Some animals really look unusual! Did you know, for example, that there is a breed of horse with a curly coat? And a cat whose fur is the same in colors and patterns as that of a leopard? In addition…

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