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12 absurd things that in the past were…
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12 absurd things that in the past were considered absolutely normal

February 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Thanks to the development of scientific knowledge and the advancement of technology, our customs have been radically altered over the last fifty years.

In fact, many customs that were previously considered acceptable or even beneficial, over time have proved to be harmful or contrary to the most normal safety standards. 

Think of cigarettes for example --- In the 60s, you could have found advertising in favor of smoking on every street corner, while today such a thing would practically provoke a popular uprising. 

Here below are some examples of various customs that (fortunately) have gone out of fashion.


What you see is the Eufonia automaton which was created in the 19th century and could imitate human speech in several languages.


In the 1930s, it was all the rage to use an instrument called a breast massager. Using jets of water, its purpose was to increase the tone and elasticity of the breast tissues.



Around the 1950s, a coin machine was invented that gave the user the possibility of getting an almost instant tan.


Before the arrival of the vaccine against the infectious disease, diphtheria, it was not unusual to find a headstone like this --- five brothers and sisters who all died in just one week ...


Great Britain, in the 1970s, before video games were invented and monopolized modern children's play time!  In those days, children used to play outside in the street ... Now scenes like this are rarely seen.



In the 19th century, social roles were totally different from those of today (although there is still some progress to be made ...) Here is the image of a black babysitter for a well-off family.


image: wikimedia

At the end of the 1800s, it was normal to treat toothache pain with cocaine-based candy drops.



image: goal

What you see is the so-called "ghost" soccer team from Argentina. The story on record is that the soccer players were sent to the high mountains in Bolivia to prepare for playing games at a high altitude, in view of an important soccer match. Due to organizational problems, they were "abandoned" and left to themselves in the mountains for some time, so, in protest, this image of doubtful taste was taken, which portrayed them as faceless ghosts.


A cigarette advertisement from the 1960s that today would be inconceivable! "Before you scold me, Mom ... maybe you had better light up a Marlboro!"



A baby car seat in use in the 1940s --- its level of safety is painfully obvious ...


We are in 1931 and here we see a woman who is in a giant frying pan with some bacon tied to her feet! Very shortly, the frying pan will be filled with the liquid from 7,200 eggs, necessary to make and break the record of the largest omelet in the world.


image: imgur

In spite of almost certain damage to their hair, in the 1960s many women used a common iron to smooth and straighten their hair!


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