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21 photographs that reveal some historical…
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21 photographs that reveal some historical details that you did not know about


Have you ever had the pleasure of browsing through an old photo album? It feels very much like time travel, and through the images, it is possible to relive moments that have long since passed.

We hope that this collection of historical images will give you the same positive feeling.

In the photo gallery, you will find images that depict epochs that cannot be forgotten and that we can always rediscover through these black and white photographs.

1. The owners of this apartment had accumulated 130 tons of rubbish.

2. The intricate procedure for putting on an evening dress.


3. The outdated Chinese tradition called "foot binding" that once reduced the size of women's feet as an indication of social status and beauty.

4. A postman carrying a baby boy, probably, his son.

5. Princess Dagmar and Nicola II's son Nikolai Alexandrovich.


6. Elin Wagner in front of a stack of registered petitions containing signatures requesting that women be given the right to vote.

7. Alcohol being thrown out during the prohibition period.


8. The working conditions of Belgian miners.

9. Late 19th century girls dressed in masculine clothing.


10. The tangle of telephone wires in New York City covered with snow and ice after a snowstorm.

11. The enormous crowd on the Golden Gate Bridge, May 24, 1987, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

12. A live image created in New Mexico in 1915.

13. Ancient Egyptian dental work.

14. A moment during the famous excavations on Easter Island.

15. The curious protective clothing used by doctors during plagues, hidden in the long spouts are scented herbs to cover up bad odors.

16. A dance school in Russia.

17. A traffic jam in Berlin after the fall of the wall.

18. One of the ships arriving at the port in New York, loaded with soldiers returning from the Second World War.

19. Orphans from the Vietnam War being brought to the United States.

20. Children on sale in Italy probably by unwed mothers, poverty-stricken families, or prostitutes.

21. New York, 14 August 1945 --- ticker tape covered streets from the celebration for the end of the Second World War.


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