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15 images that show us some historical…
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15 images that show us some historical facts from a different perspective

January 16, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Probably it has happened, while you were attending school, that you studied historical events or characters and were not able to connect them to something concrete, or human --- as if they were only numbers and words printed between the pages of a book. 

This feeling is quite understandable, because, for many events in history, we do not have the actual visual documentation necessary to construct a realistic mental image. 

But, fortunately, in some cases, this can be remedied! As a matter of fact, here are 15 vintage images that illustrate facts and events that are certainly well known to you.

1. Coca-Cola bottles in all of their various states of evolution

2. One of the oldest aerial photos taken of the city of Boston in 1960.

image: imgur

3. A cleaner sweeps the floor of the New York Stock Exchange immediately after the Wall Street crash (1929)

4. A crowd meets in Times Square in 1945 to celebrate WWII Nazi Germany's surrender.

5. Otto Frank, the father of Anna Frank, returns to visit the house where he hid with his family. He was the only survivor.


6. The last photograph portraying Nikola Tesla only six days before his death, in 1943

image: c0urso/reddit

7. The supply of objects and accessories that the Finnish government guaranteed and provided to new mothers with few economic resources in 1939.


8. US President Lyndon B. Johnson listens to the famous "anguish tape" dated July 31, 1968.

The American President Lyndon B. Johnson listens to an audio tape from Vietnam, dated July 31, 1968, from his son-in-law, Captain Charles Robb who explains to him in detail what is actually happening on the ground in Vietnam.

9. Iranian women in the streets during a mass protest against being obligated to wear the hijab (veil) in public in 1979.

image: imgur

10. French engineers meet their English colleagues under the Channel Tunnel during excavations.

11. One of the many boxes full of gold wedding rings belonging to people deported to German concentration camps.

12. The interior of an airplane as it appeared in 1930.

image: imgur

13. The city of New York covered with toxic and polluting fumes before the United States Environmental Protection Agency was created in 1970.

14. A surreal field of wheat in the heart of New York City.

image: imgur.com

15. Photos of Hiroshima before and after the atomic bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945.


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