These 20 people are so lazy that they deserve a medal -
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These 20 people are so lazy that they…
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These 20 people are so lazy that they deserve a medal


Laziness is an aspect of behavior that is somehow a part of both human and animal DNA.

In fact, every living being is naturally inclined to carry out its daily activities in the most comfortable way possible and with the least expenditure of energy.

However, when this aspect transcends the limits of logic and good taste, it means that we are facing a professional or an expert in laziness! 

Exactly like these individuals, presented here below! They are so lazy that they did not even attempt to move when someone was photographing them ...

1. When they tell you to keep an eye on the bread that is baking in the oven and you start a video-chat in order to watch TV in the next room!

2. One man, one genius


3. "Undifferentiated --- for those who are tired"

4. When you are too lazy to cook potatoes and they decide to take over the kitchen ...

5. Who knows what the traffic police would think ...


6. Comfort and convenience first of all

image: Imgur

7. Take it easy ... your dentist would be proud of you!

image: Imgur

8. Ehm...

9. When you do not want to even PEEL a tangerine!


10. Why spend time struggling in the gym if there is this solution?

11. A tool to soak Oreos without getting your fingers wet ..?

12. Love shopping --- but not the fatigue

13. Did the person who painted the wall really believe that no one would notice?

14. So they would not have to change the time on the clock, they posted this sign for six months!

15. Good boy, you have future, kid!

16. When you have to draw eyes and you don't want to. Ehhh no ... you really don't like drawing eyes ...

17. Or you have seen too many movies about Alaska or you are really lazy and you want to set a Guinness world record!

image: Imgur

18. What a lucky coincidence!

19. Hazardous curve ...

20. It looks like someone needs to another job, doesn't it?

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