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19 Security Solutions That Will Keep…
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19 Security Solutions That Will Keep Absolutely Nothing And No One Safe


Each of us wants to feel safe, for this reason, we adopt different security systems every day. We lock the door of our house or apartment with a key, lock the car with another one, we use a PIN to unlock our smartphone and type in a code to use a credit card. 

For every object, we care about and we do not want to be stolen, we can adopt a system of protection, but the important thing is to use it in the correct way, otherwise, it will prove completely useless, as can be seen in the following situations.

The "WARNING Security Dog" sign does not send any warning at all if there is a sheep behind the fence!

image: AcidCow

For those who still have not memorized it, the secret code is written on the door (and on the door handle).


A mother installed this lock on a drawer but did not realize that it was still accessible ...

If you have to lock your bike to keep it from being stolen, choose a fixed structure and not a movable publicity board!

No one will break into your home if you have a security system like this (an armed Roomba robot vacuum cleaner?).


You will never forget your locker combination, that's for sure!

All your goods are safe. NOT.


It would be a good idea to install a bar at the entry and exit points to limit car access.

Once the gate is closed, no one will be allowed to enter!


Door entry code C489.

You never know what goes on in people's heads!

"Electrified fence" --- Yeah, right! ...

When you do not trust technology ...

... And when we talk about security, we do not mean this!

... and definitely not this!

A warrior future is growing here ... if the child lives long enough!

Parking only allowed for flying cars.

Safety first of all!

Whoever has parked this bike seriously risks having to walk home!

image: pinterest.com

A word to the wise! Take a look at your own security measures and make sure that you are using them correctly so that they can be truly effective!

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