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21 photobombs at weddings that made…
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21 photobombs at weddings that made the day even more memorable

November 27, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Do you remember that sense of terror that you feel when someone asks you if you want to see their wedding photos? Fortunately, some of these wedding photo memories include some unusual and funny surprises.

Yes, because in the end the unexpected is always just around the corner and this does not always mean disaster! Indeed, in some cases they make what is ordinary and mundane, much better and a lot of fun! 

In fact, in this photo gallery, there are photos of all kinds of situations that range from embarrassing to hilarious!

1. She fainted in the middle of her best friend's wedding!

2. "Me ... at my sister's wedding a few years ago...."


3. That unfortunate moment when have to ... suddenly sneeze!

4. What a wave of emotions!

image: © Pinkys Pix

5. Batman's archenemies were also invited to the wedding? ...


6. This cat was obviously jealous of the event.

7. The man behind the microphone looks really euphoric!


8. For every person who weeps there is someone who laughs!

9. When you were not invited, it leaves a bad feeling ...


10. A road sign or ... a message from the universe?

11. When you finally get to dance with the most beautiful girl at the party ...

12. Ehm ... Someone save that kid!

13. "I just couldn't resist."

14. At some point, you do not care anymore about how you will look in the wedding photos!

When the fight for wedding bouquet become something really serious ...

Including pets in the wedding photo service, is becoming more common and these two dogs are more than ready to oblige their owners!

17. "No, NO....Stop don't do that!"

18. Who says that you always have to be serious and composed?

19. Obviously, the Beluga whale is their witness!

20. The protagonist of the photo is ... her!

21. When all your neighbors join together to photobomb your wedding! ....


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