He proposes while standing in a queue…
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He proposes while standing in a queue at McDonald's: she rejects him and leaves (+ VIDEO)

September 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Over the course of a relationship, the moment might arise for both partners to take one step further - marriage. Before making rash proposals, however, it is best to test the waters and talk about mutual expectations and intentions are for the future. This is the only way to really understand what a partner feels. Evidently, however, not everyone has these talks in advance and there are people who make unjustified assumptions. This seems to be the case of a man who, in public, knelt in front of his girlfriend, offering her a ring - but was rejected. Could it be because the proposal took place in a very crowded McDonald's?

A video of an embarrassing marriage proposal appeared on Twitter - a clip that was introduced by a user with these words: "Today I witnessed a very sad scene". First of all, it is important to understand the context in which this unexpected marriage proposal took place: at the cash desks of a McDonald's. In short, this is probably the most unusual and least romantic place in the world! From the moment in which the man knelt behind the woman, who in the meantime was placing her order, you can see the cashier with her hands in her hair; probably the cashier guessed what was happening and was highly embarrassed.

In the video, we see the woman turn to her partner with a rather irritated look. The dialogue that takes place between the two is not audible on the video, but it seems that the woman asks her boyfriend to stand up immediately and stop embarrassing them. Obviously, everyone around them noticed what was happening and this did nothing but increase the woman's sense of discomfort. And in fact, it must not have been pleasant for the woman to turn around and find herself faced by the least romantic proposal in history. Usually, proposals are some of the most beautiful and wonderful moments in life, and most people would like to receive them in an appropriate context (and perhaps all dressed up). Here, on the other hand, both subjects are dressed casually, and are standing in a fast food restaurant.


Many readers have commented that, in general, proposals made in public are risky. In this case, some readers have interpreted this rash gesture as an attempt by the man to end the relationship. "I have a feeling that he knows very well that she would turn him down," read the comments. In any case, always think twice before proposing to your loved one in a public place. And most importantly, make sure she really wants to get married!

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