Twenty "over 40" male models topple long-held prejudices regarding male beauty -
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Twenty "over 40" male models topple…
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Twenty "over 40" male models topple long-held prejudices regarding male beauty

October 24, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

High fashion runways have changed a lot in recent years. In fact, at last, those who are wearing garments made by the best stylists are not just models with "impossible" physical characteristics, but also curvy figures, people with disabilities, and professional models who are older.

As a matter of fact, in this photo gallery, we have assembled the images of male models who are all over 40.

However, thanks to their fit body, silver graying hair, and elegant but at the same time light-hearted way they carry themselves, they will make you understand why they are among the highest paid male models of the moment.

1. Anthony Varecchia

2. Eric Rutherford

image: mr.rutherford

3. T. R. Pescod

image: trpescod

4. Mark Reay

5. Philippe Dumas


6. Aiden Brady

image: mr_aidenbrady

7. Ron Jack Foley

image: to_ron_to

8. Garrett Swann

9. Brad W.


10. Günther Krabbenhöft

11. Anton Nilsson

image: swedishanton

12. Guillermo Zapata

image: gzsur

13. Seth Andrew Silver

14. Irvin Randle

image: irvinrandle

15. Will Willitts

image: willhombre

16. Ben Desombre

image: Julija Nėjė

17. Mister Alborghetti

image: Julija Nėjė

18. Jeremy Lea

image: jeremylea6

19. Fransisco Cipriano

image: fcipriano

20. Shan Michael Hefley

image: fit1962a

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