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10 thousand rooms but no guests in 70…
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10 thousand rooms but no guests in 70 years!? The complete story of the Ghost Hotel built by the Nazis

October 20, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

On the German island of Rügen, which is the largest in Germany and is located in the Baltic Sea, there is a giant-sized structure that has remained unused for much of its existence. 

The ambitious Seebad Prora complex was, in fact, designed and built with a precise intent, but history came to upset the plans of men who had built it --- namely, the outbreak of World War II.

The Seebad Prora is an abandoned Nazi holiday resort built in the Nazi regime era between 1935 and 1939, with the clear intent of showing all the power of the regime and therefore as a propaganda tool.

The first stone was laid in the presence of Adolf Hitler on May 2, 1936.

During the first years of construction, most Third Reich construction companies were engaged in this ambitious project that consisted of eight identical buildings.


Just think that the workers involved in the construction of the Prora complex were about 9,000 and that 20,000 people could be accommodated at the same time.

The outbreak of World War II, however, abruptly interrupted the work on the Nazi resort. In fact, the workers were moved to the war industries and the structure was abandoned due to force of circumstance.

The initial project included all sorts of amenities and attractions, but its first "real" purpose was when some of Hamburg's residents found shelter there during Allied bombing.


After the end of World War II, part of the complex was used as an outpost for the East Germany Army but after German reunification, these rooms returned to being empty (see below the reconstruction of a room during that time period).

Nowadays, however, something seems to be moving and there is renewed interest in this structure. In fact, not only a historical museum has been built inside, but an Austro-German construction company has bought the entire complex.


Work to finally make it a functioning tourist structure began and in 2016 the first apartment was sold.

The new resort will have, at first at least, 300 beds and will host sports fields, swimming pools, private apartments, cinemas, and more.




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