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20 brilliant inventions that you will…
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20 brilliant inventions that you will be just dying to have!

October 21, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Often an invention, in order to succeed, does not necessarily have a serious utility but rather it satisfies a need, as trivial as it may be! 

Thanks to the technologies we have today, creating something is within the reach of almost everyone. However, let's not forget that sometimes the most brilliant ideas can also be the simplest to accomplish!

You don't believe us? Look through this photo gallery and you will change your mind!

A suitcase with your face printed on top of it will make sure that you are recognized IMMEDIATELY!

image: firebox

A scanner with an app that identifies counterfeit products.

image: Entrupy

This scanner is able to detect a counterfeit copy of 16 famous brands with a precision of 98%.


This laundry machine folds the clothes and removes wrinkles thanks to a steam mechanism.

image: Foldimate

A pen to draw in 3D is now available in different colors and lets you create small models or repair things.

image: the3doodler

This mini-tent that hides the light, also lets you hide in plain sight, if you want to rest at your desk during lunch break.

image: Nap Tent

The skateboard that makes you move even if you are standing still! This is great for all of you who have a sedentary job!

image: Fluidstance

Heated shoe soles not only keep your feet warm, but you can link them to an app that shows you how many steps you have taken and calories burned!

image: Digitsole

Heated sportswear! You can decide on the temperature and the body area to keep warm!

image: polarseal

This wallet tells you its position in case of loss or theft, and what is more, it takes a photo of who uses it and also acts as a power bank for your smartphone.

image: Volterman

A mask that lets you breathe under water (and it never fogs up!).

image: Tribord

A travel water bottle with a dispenser for animals. Very convenient!

A console-shaped scratching pad/post for cats wins the "likes" vote!

image: Catscratch

A backpack with a built-in folding chair.

image: Brando

A fluorescent hooded jacket that lights up at night and during the daylight hours recharges with sunlight.

image: vollebak.com

An application that blocks credit card payments when you have drunk too much.

image: drnkpay.com

Stainless steel soap eliminates the most pungent odors from your hands.

A smartphone sterilizer that removes 99% of the bacteria present on the object we handle absolutely more than anything else.

image: phonesoap.com

A mirror that scans the body! Then, it sends you a smartphone report highlighting areas where you have put on weight and those that you need to work on.

image: Fit Mirror

The most desirable bed in the world! It will pamper you with a movie projector, aroma diffuser, chromotherapy, and more!

image: iNyx Bed

This air-free tire is virtually indestructible and requires no maintenance

image: Michelin

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