10 thousand rooms but no guests in 70 years!? The complete story of the Ghost Hotel built by the Nazis

On the German island of Rügen, which is the largest in Germany and is located in the Baltic Sea, there is a giant-sized structure that has remained unused for much of its existence.  The ambitious Seebad…

Come on! All aboard ..... the River Bus!

In Hamburg as well as in Rotterdam. Yes, now in both of these beautiful cities it is possible to experience a very unusual tour! In fact, passengers climb aboard what looks like a common tour bus, but…

Recycling plastic bottles means instant cash in Germany!

We know, some countries take the issue of recycling more seriously than others. Among these, Germany is certainly one of them! In fact, this video shows one of the many ways in which German citizens are…

How Germans react to an ambulance siren

An interesting video that shows how Germans drivers react to the sound of the ambulance: notice how even very distant cars are already on the sides of the road to allow a passage without any obstructions!

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