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When a person has more courage than…
Inventions that improve the quality of life! Hurrah! Nature and humankind are not enemies ...

When a person has more courage than common sense ...

October 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Science and biology have demonstrated that women live longer than men, and in fact, this is something that everyone can see with their own eyes. But it has not always been so! 

In fact, such a marked disparity has emerged only since the end of the eighteenth century, when hygiene conditions and medical prevention have allowed general life expectancy to increase, which has favored life expectancy, favoring women in some ways. 

To defuse any discussion about this subject, today we want to show you what is the REAL reason why women live longer than men! In our opinion, we think that men do not live as long not because of illness or bad hygiene, but due to that legendary lack of common sense that prevails in the male universe.

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How about following your own advice?

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Unless you want to use it to sleep on, that is not the right place.

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Following safety regulations in the workplace ...

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A classic...

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He deserves an applause ...

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Are you kidding?


What's going on here?

Just taking a quick look outside ...

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