Oppressed by an abusive relationship, a woman decides to abandon her dog to prevent it from being mistreated

by Shirley Marie Bradby

July 30, 2017

Oppressed by an abusive relationship, a woman decides to abandon her dog to prevent it from being mistreated

This moving story begins at an airport with an abandoned puppy. Wait! Do not make hasty conclusions and do not condemn the puppy's owner for what seems like a heartless act of cruelty!

Alongside the small Chihuahua, they also found a letter that explained the reasons for the abandonment. Do you think that there is never a justification for doing such a thing?

We are sure that after you hear the full story, you will have to change your mind. Here is what happened ...

Chewy, a young puppy only a few months old, was found at the Las Vegas Airport, with a very sad letter lying beside him.

This story touched the hearts of people in the United States first and then the rest of the world. Here is what was written in the letter ... 

"Hi, I'm Chewy! My owner was involved in an abusive and violent relationship with her boyfriend and decided to run away, but she could not take me on the plane. She would not have otherwise abandoned me and she never wanted to leave me behind but she literally had no choice!" 

The letter then continues in the first person and it is the mysterious woman who asks desperately for help: 

'My ex not only beat me but he also kicked my dog and now he has a head injury. I think that he needs a veterinarian! I really love Chewy, please, whoever finds him, please take care of him. Thank you!"


For the moment, Chewy is being cared for by an animal refuge organization and the adoption messages for Chewy on their Facebook page are numerous!

Yes, many people have offered to take care of the Chihuahua but for now Chewy will stay with the association's operators, to make sure that he has completely healed. 

The association also said that Chewy could return to his owner if the woman lets them know how they can get in contact with her. 

We can only hope that this woman's life takes a turn for the better and that she can find serenity. alongside Chewy! 

Here is a video where you can see that the puppy is recovering nicely from his ordeal ...