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"Everyone should have a grandmother":…
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"Everyone should have a grandmother": a parable that could help us reflect on the importance of family

August 02, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Note: We weren't able to find a reliable source for this story. Its meaning, however, is so touching that we decided to share it with you anyway. 

Not too long ago, a 4-year-old girl named Sandra decided to spend the day at her grandmother's flower shop. At first, the two didn't talk about anything specific. That is, until they started discussing what a grandmother's role in the family was. Even though the girl was very young, it was clear to the grandmother that her granddaughter had some very strong feelings on the matter. That's why she decided to write them down and share them with her friends and family. Thanks to this grandmother, we now get to share this sweet but entertaining letter with all of you.  

via: Bigodino

Why we need grandmothers

A grandmother is like an elderly aunt who has no children and therefore loves other people's children. A grandfather is like a male grandmother. He goes out with other men and talks about things men talk about like fishing, tractors, and such. Grandmothers do not have to do anything special. They are elderly, so be careful when playing with them because they can hurt themselves. 

Grandmothers usually accompany grandchildren to the shopping mall where the fake riding horse is. They also have a handbag full of money. Sometimes they take us for a walk, but it's not much fun because they walk slowly. They stop everywhere, but you must not ask them to go faster.

Often they are a bit pear-shaped, but it does not bother them to bend down to tie young children's shoelaces. They wear glasses and strange underwear, very large. They do things children cannot do like, for example, take out their teeth. 

When you hug them, you discover they smell good. 

They also smell good when they have just cooked something because they are always cooking something.

Grandmothers know a lot of things and know how to answer questions like "why dogs hate cats" and "why God is not married". When they talk to us, their grandchildren, they do not speak with a child's voice like adults who are strangers do. When they read you stories, they do not jump pages and they do not mind reading the same story several times. Their time seems to be completely at our disposal because they never get in a hurry.

Everyone should have a grandmother because a grandmother is the only adult who always has time for you."

Little Sandra reminds us, adults, what it is that children appreciate the most about people who are older than them  --- the fact of taking the time, and not always running between one commitment and the other! So please make time for them, spend time together with them!

Now, we leave you with a meaningful short film about what little children can teach adults, grandfathers included!

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