According to this adorable little boy, God created grandmothers to love and take care of their grandchildren -
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According to this adorable little boy,…
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According to this adorable little boy, God created grandmothers to love and take care of their grandchildren

July 25, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Who doesn't love their grandmother? But above all, what would the world be without grandmothers? The stories they tell us, delicious lunches, secret recipes, and surprise gifts when it is not even Christmas or your birthday.

And if we asked a child, "Why did God make grandmothers?", in your opinion what would be the answer? Here's the amusing response!

Why did God create grandmothers?

This is the question posed to a child, who tried to answer, with what is, for him, very sound reasoning. However, scientists and experts have all tried to answer this question and it has long been a topic of discussion. According to psychology, grandmothers are preferred by their grandchildren, mainly for their calmness. It is well known that in comparison to when they themselves were mothers, as grandmothers they are more permissive about a lot of things when it concerns their grandchildren. 

In fact, the job of being a grandmother is less stressful than that of being a parent. Grandmothers can focus on the fun side of raising a child, which is everything related to entertainment and playing games. For this reason, grandmothers always appear, in any situation, to be the one who is "cool and fun" while mothers always appear to be "severe" and not very fun-loving! 

Returning to the video with the little boy named Karateka, who when asked "Why did God make grandmothers?", answered by presenting some valid arguments. 

"God made grandmothers to love their grandchildren and to take care of them, that's all I know! My grandmother is more than 100 years old, I can't believe it! We call her Mama. She is the Queen of all of us. If she wasn't on Earth, then I wouldn't be on Earth, either!"

Below is the video with the question. Try to ask your children why they love their grandmothers so much, certainly they will provide you with a fair amount of sweet and engaging answers!

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