It was just another boring day but these…
Here is the most beautiful raspberry pie you could ever make ... not to mention how good it tastes! The firewood has been lit but needs a boost! A guy decides to use his Harley Davidson!

It was just another boring day but these four-legged guests will completely change the atmosphere ...

October 14, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When we find ourselves in front of the young of any species (dog, man, cat ... it does not matter!), Our face cannot help putting on a welcoming smile and suddenly we are filled with tender feelings. 

Although there was really no need to test this theory, still to see this happen is always a beautiful thing to witness!

In fact, here is how three very different groups of people reacted to the arrival of young puppy dogs at a preschool, a rest home, and a gym. Yes, all very different people, but united by the same reaction.

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