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17 hilarious photos of animals to remind us to smile even on the worst days

When the day seems to start off the wrong way, it won't get better on its own without an effort. To feel good you have to really want it. And so it might be helpful to look at some cute and funny pictures…

A puppy wakes up from an operation and frightened starts to cry and the vet consoles it as if it were a child

Animals do not differ too much from human beings in some situations - especially those regarding danger and fear. In fact, as evidenced by so many different stories and episodes, we note that also a puppy…

The maternal instinct is stronger than anything else! Here are 15 of the most determined mothers that exist!

Have you ever wondered where the expression "mother hen" comes from, and why, instead, we do not say "mother cat" or "mother elephant"?  Well, it is true that all mothers are kind and caring and very…

20 photos of baby animals so cute that they illuminate even your darkest day!

On those bad days, when it seems like everything is going wrong and our spirit is really low, still, we must try to restore our sense of humor, in some way, and maybe even find a smile or two! It can…

15 scenes of a day in the life a dog --- that we dare you not to laugh at!

In the animal world, we can say with a certain confidence that dogs are capable of truly unique body and facial expressions, which allow us to immediately understand what is going on in their head. Jealousy,…
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These cute little donkeys will be the sweetest thing you'll see today

We do not know what is your level of confidence and knowledge of donkeys, but after seeing this photo gallery of donkeys you'll want to find out more.  A donkey is usually considered to be an obtuse…

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