The police find her emaciated in a locked room: now the puppy is unrecognizable -
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The police find her emaciated in a locked…
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The police find her emaciated in a locked room: now the puppy is unrecognizable

April 24, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

That evening, the New Castle (Pennsylvania) police were responding to a phone call that had reported a home burglary.

However, when they arrived at the site of the reported crime; the police officers found themselves faced with something totally unexpected!

What they found was a little puppy that had been locked in one of the upstairs bedrooms and was so emaciated that all the bones in her little body were visible.

When she met the police officers' eyes she immediately started wagging her tail, although she was very weak.

The puppy spent the remaining hours of that night at the New Castle Police Station.

image: New Castle Police Department

And in the morning she was taken to the Lawrence County animal shelter, run by the Humane Society.


After an examination, the veterinarians speculated that she was about 10 weeks old and had been left in that locked room for about three weeks.

Little Miranda was emaciated, anemic, and struggling with a dangerous staph infection.

The initial fear was that she could not survive but after a week of proper care and nutrition, Miranda had already doubled her weight!

Elissa Druschel, the vice president of the animal center, said: "When we started posting images of Miranda on our social media page, we had a really unique response in terms of affection --- we even received best wishes messages and cards for her to get well soon!"

In a few weeks, Miranda already seemed like another puppy!

During her period of convalescence, the police officers who had found her, regularly went to visit her.

And even if the adoption requests flooded in, something special was in store for her. "It was obvious that we had to give priority to the heroes who had saved her," Druschel says.

That's why it was decided that the person to take care of Miranda would be one of the policemen, namely, Police Officer Mark Lewis!

"She is unrecognizable now! She is a very playful dog and her happiness is infectious! In fact, when she sees me come home, she jumps for joy!" says her new owner.

Meanwhile, the previous owner of the puppy has been found and an investigation has been opened.

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