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A puppy wakes up from an operation and…
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A puppy wakes up from an operation and frightened starts to cry and the vet consoles it as if it were a child

November 11, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Animals do not differ too much from human beings in some situations - especially those regarding danger and fear.

In fact, as evidenced by so many different stories and episodes, we note that also a puppy dog ​​forced to have a surgical operation has the same type of fear and apprehension that a child has when going to a doctor.

The Barcs Animal Shelter is one of the largest animal shelters in Baltimore, Maryland (USA) and is able to host and take care of the many animals that are brought to the structure.

This puppy named Meesha had just undergone surgery and could not stop crying, not even when being held in the arms of one of the best vets in the world.

Little Meesha had to undergo surgery, after which the anesthesia started to have less effect.

The puppy started crying and moaning in despair, perhaps not really understanding what was happening. When Dennis Moses heard her complaining, he tried to distract her and comfort her by taking her in his arms.

Seeing such a sweet and moving scene, the refuge volunteers decided to capture it on video.

In the video, you can see and hear poor Meesha disconsolate crying, while the doctor tries to calm her by talking to her sweetly and giving her a few kisses of comfort.

A sweet scene that shows the compassion and attention that this veterinarian gives spontaneously to his four-legged patients. Bravo!

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