Innovative "Slap It" provides irresistible…
Purify your skin with this DIY blackhead remover! A baby gender cake and party gone wrong! :(

Innovative "Slap It" provides irresistible lighting decor!

March 01, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The gimmicks that companies find to publicize their goods and services never seem to end! They will do almost any and everything to sell their products, often with clever and stunning strategies! 

For instance, it is impossible not to be interested in the item in question, the Butt Lamp, at least to understand how it works!

It is simply a wall lamp that has the form of two buttocks, and if that is not enough to make it interesting and weirdly attractive, then you really have to see the way in which you turn it on ... With a slap!

Preview image: design-milk.com

Tags: FunnyCurious Design


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