Playing golf on a frozen lake?! ... very hazardous indeed! -
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Playing golf on a frozen lake?! ...…
This Dad had an idea that helps to COLOR the world HAPPY! Hey! Baseball lovers discover an ingenious way to work out!

Playing golf on a frozen lake?! ... very hazardous indeed!


What happens when you play golf on a frozen lake? The answer is simple, and will be given by the man who filmed in this video! 

As a challenge or as a game this man armed with a golf club walked onto a frozen lake to hit a golf ball into the distance. Unfortunately, for him, things did not go according to plan! 

In fact, the golf club did not even touch the golf ball but instead hit the icy surface of the lake quite forcefully! Furthermore, to make matters worse, while moving to hit the ball, the man slips and falls heavily breaking the ice.

This adventure ends in the worst way . . . An icy bath in a frozen lake!

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