Discover some very useful hacks for old sweaters! Fantastic! -
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Discover some very useful hacks for…
Discover these unimaginable uses for file holders! What if your apartment could float? :)

Discover some very useful hacks for old sweaters! Fantastic!


We all have piles of sweaters in the closet that, at some point, we realize we will never wear again.

That is because maybe something went wrong with the last washing, or perhaps because we have used them so long that they look old and shabby, or because the sweater was a gift that you never liked!

Here we propose three ideas to transform old sweaters into something new, original and helpful!

If you have any felted wool sweaters (not loose-knit, to be clear), you can turn them into a nice pair of warm mittens. Even sewing beginners can do this project! Just watch the video tutorial!

Another, highly original way of utilizing an old wool sweater is by using it to build a soft and warm dog bed for your lovable pet! Find out in the video how to do it!


Finally, if you have light-weight knit sweaters, you can use a rectangular template and cut pieces from the sweaters, then sew them together to create a beautiful and unique scarf!

Follow the instructions in the video below.

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