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Some rare photos taken on September 11 that allow us to relive those moments from a different point of view

The writer David Friend has collected in a book some photos taken on that tragic day September 11, which we all have well-stamped in our minds. His photographs mostly depict the moments immediately after…

People say they can see "God" walking in the clouds in this video of a storm

The video of a rainstorm in Alabama posted on Facebook has been seen around the world after some people noticed something strange in it! In fact, in the dark mass of clouds hovering over the city of Tuscaloosa,…

US Marines during a "monkey" drill practice! “Oorah!”

When in life, you are a Marine, athletic training must be accompanied by the coordination of movements combined with split-second timing. The "choreography" for the drills is learned and practiced just…

A woman tries to jump ahead in a line and here's this man's reaction

From the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in the USA comes a story that makes us understand how far some people are from treating other people as they would like to be treated, rather than according…
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Before the winter closure, this Park hosts a very special pool party !

Every year the Lakeview Park in Nampa (Idaho), has a truly original event: before the winter closure they organise a pool party just for dogs.
Curious Dogs Usa

An amazing way to stop a getaway car!

Who among us, while watching an American movie, has not seen one of those crazy and seemingly endless pursuits between criminals and the police? Well, actually, soon those kinds of scenes might be quite…
Police Usa Wtf

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