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A health warning for your pet!

It is important to pay attention to your pets because their behavior may reveal a health issue which if not treated early can end up costing them their life. If you notice that your dog or cat is in a…

9 common symptoms that may suggest gluten intolerance

Gluten intolerance - which is becoming more and more widespread - is an altered intestinal tolerance towards this protein nutrient that, if permanent, turns into a real allergic form, known as celiac…

Herpes Zoster aka "St. Anthony's fire" is activated by stress. Here are the causes and symptoms of this painful skin rash.

Stress often acts as a powerful activator of the most varied pathologies. But is it possible that it always depends on stress? Not everything, certainly, but extreme physical and psychological exhaustion…

7 signs that can be manifested before a stroke occurs

Stroke (or apoplectic stroke), consists of an abrupt low flow of blood to the brain that causes the death of brain cells. There are two types of strokes --- the called "ischemic", which is due to a sudden…

What this gynecologist does with his hands is amazing!

In the final weeks of pregnancy, the fetus spontaneously positions itself in the womb with its head down, however, in some cases, the baby does not want to turn around. When this happens, gynecologists…

A man sings and plays the guitar during brain surgery!

He is 33 years old, hails from Brazil and his name is Anthony Dias Kulkamp, the man, who when required to remain conscious during brain surgery sang "Yesterday" by the Beatles while accompanying himself…

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