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Hand-foot-mouth disease is an annoying…
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Hand-foot-mouth disease is an annoying pathology that affects children but it can be fought with good hygiene


During childhood, for each child, this is a phase of life in which different diseases can be contracted.

It is, in effect, a completely normal phenomenon, given that the young organism of a child is growing and begins to come into contact with everything that is outside of it.

Immune defenses are under construction, and it is, therefore, quite normal to be more exposed to the transmissions of viruses, parasites or bacteria.

One of the most common infectious diseases in children is the hand-foot-mouth disease, a pathology that, although benign, is particularly contagious in children, and also especially annoying.

Let us, therefore, look more closely at the symptoms, characteristics, treatment, and prevention of this disease.

Hand-foot-mouth is an infectious disease, often caused by the Coxsackie virus, which attacks, in particular, the weakest individuals from the immune system point of view.

It is directly transmitted through physical contact, especially through unwashed hands. It goes without saying that, especially in children, these parts of the body are not always very clean, which is why we need to pay close attention to them.

Blisters, mouth sores, and rashes on hands and feet are the most visible symptoms of this bothersome pathology, which takes its name from the parts of the body where it develops.

However, there are also other symptoms that children may experience if they catch this disease. We are talking about fever, lack of appetite, headache, sore throat and, on a psychological level, increased irritability and fatigue.

The best method of prevention, as already mentioned, is good hygiene.

Teaching children how to wash their hands well, especially when using the bathroom or before meals, is essential.

Furthermore, it is also crucial to keep the rooms that the child often uses clean and also to regularly disinfect objects and toys.

Clearly, as often happens, these pathologies find fertile ground for contagion in school environments, and this is why, according to the advice of pediatricians, it is good to warn and inform children about the precautions that should be taken, in case they have classmates who have caught the hand-foot-mouth disease.


The cutaneous manifestations of this disease on the child's skin that appear due to this pathology, generally, disappear after 5-6 days and do not require any special treatments that must be followed, except for those related to good personal hygiene.

As we always remind you, the information in this article is purely for informational purposes and should never replace the opinion of a medical specialist who should always be consulted in case of any doubts or complications.


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