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Video Of Medicine

Geriatricians confirm that today we really become elderly only after 75 years of age

Modern comforts, scientific discoveries, and more in general, the quality of modern life has inevitably raised life expectancy in more developed countries. A person who is 60 years old today is not comparable…

The doctors warn us that "Vape Pen" cigarettes are actually very dangerous for our body

All of us are well aware of a great paradox that still exists in our society --- cigarette smoking. Although it is now redundant to talk about how much smoking can harm us, we still find stores that sell…

Adopting a cat extends human life because cats help to fight depression and are good for the heart

If someone has not yet been won over by their sympathy and beauty, here is a very good reason to adopt a cat  --- according to a recent study, cats extend the lives of their owners. And not only. …

She has a miscarriage and loses her baby and then finds herself paralyzed --- all because of a tattoo!

Satisfying a whim and getting a tattoo at the wrong time in life cost a 16-year-old Colombian girl dearly. In fact, Luisa Fernada Buitrago wanted at all costs to tattoo something under her right breast…

10 distress signals that our skin manifests when we have heart problems!

Our body is a perfect machine that at the first symptom of imbalance tries to warn us as effectively as possible. It can be said that the motor or engine of our body is the heart, and if it does not work…

Researchers may have identified the first symptom of Alzheimer's and it is not memory loss

The number of Alzheimer's patients is destined to increase over time and the pathology risks becoming a real social scourge, as there is no cure for this and other types of dementia - at least for the…

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