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Some retired doctors offer free medical care to those who cannot afford to pay for specialist visits

Public health is not always a perfectly functioning system in every country and, often, the citizen is obliged to pay dearly for his treatment, especially if he wishes to make a specific visit quickly.…

If your fingers start to turn pale when cold, you may have Raynaud's syndrome

During the winter it is advisable to cover yourself adequately so as not to suffer excessively from the cold, but despite the various gloves, scarves and hats, there are still those who can't get warm…

"If you care about your lungs, don't smoke": the appeal of a woman suffering from Covid-19 from the intensive care unit

Coronavirus does not spare even the youngest, as was mistakenly thought at the beginning - it is a virus that does not overlook anyone and cannot be underestimated in any case. Tara Jane Langston is a…
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Coronavirus: an Italian engineer manages to transform Decathlon diving masks into respirators

The Coronavirus emergency is an unprecedented event in recent health history around the world, a situation that is literally sending hospitals and facilities into collapse. Fortunately, however, in the…
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To all the medical staff and cleaners who risk their lives every day: thank you.

In such a hectic historical moment, in which we have all been overwhelmed by an epidemic on a global scale, we try to remain calm and do what we should have done since the beginning: to stay at home,…

Biting your nails can increase your risk of getting Coronavirus: experts warn

It is a habit - often a vice - that unfortunately many people have, perhaps without almost realizing it. We are talking about nail biting, a practice far from hygienic and friendly to our health. Nervousness,…
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