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Video Of Medicine

A nurse embraces a terrified child before an operation and the images go around the world

Dealing with health problems, hospitalization, and the prospect of undergoing a surgical operation are unpleasant situations for everyone, which often make people feel lonely and scared. This is true…

Here is why scientists advise preserving your children's milk teeth

Each of us has memories related to when our first milk tooth fell out, a tooth that probably your mother or your father has jealously preserved as a keepsake for all these years. According to the researchers,…

Thyroid problems are manifested by these 12 symptoms that should not be underestimated

Our body constantly "speaks" to us, informing us about our state of health. Even when it seems to be nonsense, it is good not to neglect the body's messages because every organ has its precise role. The…

18 doctors so sexy that meeting them in a hospital ward would increase anyone's heartbeat!

A good doctor is first and foremost a competent and professional figure, but we know that this is not enough. Kindness and empathy are aspects that somehow can modify our opinion of him as a whole, no…

Geriatricians confirm that today we really become elderly only after 75 years of age

Modern comforts, scientific discoveries, and more in general, the quality of modern life has inevitably raised life expectancy in more developed countries. A person who is 60 years old today is not comparable…

The doctors warn us that "Vape Pen" cigarettes are actually very dangerous for our body

All of us are well aware of a great paradox that still exists in our society --- cigarette smoking. Although it is now redundant to talk about how much smoking can harm us, we still find stores that sell…

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