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"Love cures, hatred kills" this is the…
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"Love cures, hatred kills" this is the precious lesson of a medical genius

June 08, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

According to a great medical professional, Jacinto Convit, love has the extraordinary ability to heal our body. A greatly shared and acceptable reflection, don't you think?

A feeling of hate, on the other hand, inevitably leads to a state of depression and exhaustion, from which it is difficult to re-emerge without a strong and valid pretext, and which consequently, slowly kills our mind and our body.

Jacinto Convit has devoted his whole life to the pursuit of well-being - a man who has taken care of his patients to the end and who has devoted his life to working as a doctor.

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Specializing in dermatology, Jacinto Convit began to practice his profession as a doctor in Venezuela, during the years in which leprosy spread relentlessly among the poorer social classes.
One thing that immediately struck the young doctor was the way in which, during those years, the lepers were treated, when they were tied up and restrained by the police. In the face of this ill-treatment, Jacinto always chose a more moderate path, succeeding with his compassion and goodness in changing things.
He was one of the few doctors to always treat every single person who presented themselves at the Vargas hospital in Caracas with respect and dignity, regardless of their social status.
In fact, those who choose to practice the profession as a medical doctor, and to, therefore, dedicate their lives to helping others, should be guided precisely by these same compassionate principles.

Dr. Convit has received several awards for his very important scientific discoveries (first and foremost, the leprosy vaccine) and during his long career he has always firmly followed a great proverb that we believe is appropriate to share with all of you: 

"Love heals, hatred kills. Never hate again, love and you will see that your life will flow like clear water."

A precious message that speaks of love and that everyone should keep in mind as much as possible, also in the most difficult moments of life.


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