Some retired doctors offer free medical care to those who cannot afford to pay for specialist visits -
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Some retired doctors offer free medical…
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Some retired doctors offer free medical care to those who cannot afford to pay for specialist visits

February 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Public health is not always a perfectly functioning system in every country and, often, the citizen is obliged to pay dearly for his treatment, especially if he wishes to make a specific visit quickly. In short, for those who live in a situation of economic hardship and do not have the opportunity to pay for private visits, the risk is that of having to submit to very long waiting lists and times. Having a free, fast and efficient public health care system is every citizen's dream, but to see it realized, the road still seems long, especially in some countries.

In Italy, some retired doctors have joined forces to offer their medical services free of charge to all those who cannot afford to pay for specialist visits.

In Borgomanero, in the province of Novara, some retired doctors have decided to actively help their fellow citizens and open a clinic where they can offer free medical services. The doctors are all assisted by volunteers and, together, they have managed to set up a small institute accessible to all, the Auser clinic, for pensioners, people with low incomes, the unemployed and anyone who cannot afford the cost of a specialist visit or of certain tests, which are often very expensive.

As we know, the people for whom this service is intended are many and, to select them, the clinic enquires about the economic situation of each one, and they must be in certified need. This is a commendable initiative, which has been very successful in the area, so much so that it has obtained some regional funding.

Everyone should have free access to the necessary medical care, without having to rely on the good will of others in donating their voluntary services, but we still hope that this type of initiative can multiply in other municipalities, regions and countries.


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