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A mother with a pacemaker at age 32…
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A mother with a pacemaker at age 32 claims to have drunk six energy drinks a day for years!


We all know that feeling that assails us in the early afternoon and that causes our eyelids to close against our will.

In those cases, if we are not among the lucky ones who can give themselves a restorative nap, we usually resort to caffeine-based drinks, capable of giving us an infusion of energy, allowing us to carry on with our work.

Unfortunately, however, as in everything, moderation in consumption is fundamental, otherwise, you can run into dangerous consequences, just as what happened to thirty-two-year-old Samantha Sharpe.

image: Samantha Sharpe

The young girl, living in Leicester (UK), has published online its experience hoping to help other people in the same situation. Her problem, from 2014 to 2018, was her reliance on energy drinks.

Samantha would often experience drowsiness during business hours, and it was for this reason that she drank her first energy drinks. Thanks to these she received a wave of energy that allowed her to overcome those critical moments at work.

But soon her body became addicted, and when the "down" moments following the Glycemic peak (besides caffeine, these drinks are full of sugar) were increasingly violent. This is what caused her to start to increase her intake, until arriving at the appalling amount of six energy drinks per day.

The woman began to suffer heart problems, insomnia, pre-diabetes, and kidney stones. Her situation was considered so risky that in 2018, a heart pacemaker was placed in her chest and the doctors gave her a very strict regime in terms of caffeine and related substances. Today, luckily Samantha is fine, has two children, and lives a normal life.

image: Samantha Sharpe

Obviously, the doctors could not say that the energy drinks were the ONLY things that were responsible for Samantha's heart condition, but they surely helped precipitate a situation that was already predisposed.

As we often say, the problem is not in use, but the lack of moderation. We all have a busy life that dictates the rhythm of our activities, and we all want to satisfy our whims, even if they are not entirely healthy.

However, the important thing is not to let the exception become the norm. We have shared Samantha's story hoping it can be a warning to everyone else.

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